What is NASH?

Fatty liver disease can become NASH and you may not know it. Here’s how it happens.

Fatty liver disease happens in stages. The first is fatty liver, where there’s a buildup of fat in the liver. Some people with fatty liver can develop a more severe form of the disease called NASH, or nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. This happens when the fat in your liver becomes toxic to you, killing liver cells and making the liver inflamed. NASH can lead to cirrhosis, liver failure, the need for a transplant, and even death. Talk to your doctor about getting tested for NASH and steps you can take to manage fatty liver disease.

ATTENTION: Scarring in progress


Just like your skin, your liver can scar when injured. The only difference is you can’t see or feel the scarring in your liver.

See how NASH progresses

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Healthy Liver: Normal (Small) Amount of Fat Healthy Liver: Normal (Small) Amount of Fat Fatty Liver: Fat Buildup NASH: Toxic Fat Buildup and Inflammation NASH and Scarring: Toxic Fat Buildup, Inflammation, and Scarring (Fibrosis) Cirrhosis: Severe Scarring (Fibrosis) and Possible Permanent Damage

The 1 in 4 rule
~1 in 4 people with fatty liver disease will develop NASH.
~1 in 4 people with NASH will develop cirrhosis
(severe scarring).

Some people’s fatty liver disease may progress faster than others’.

NASH is a silent danger.

Most people with NASH don’t have any symptoms in the early stages. If it goes undetected and unmanaged for too long, it can scar and damage your liver. This can leave you at risk for serious health issues. That’s why it’s so important to get tested if you’ve been told you have fatty liver disease or think you may have NASH.

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NASH is serious and can harm your health.

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