NASH tests

Ask your doctor about getting tested for NASH.

It’s important to get tested to determine if your liver has any damage and to assess your risk for NASH. NASH can be a silent disease. If you have it, you may not notice any symptoms, even as it damages your liver. If you have NASH, regular monitoring may be needed to check if your liver has developed scarring.

Why you should get tested for NASH.

Research suggests if you are diabetic and very overweight (obese), you may already have NASH so talk to your doctor about getting tested

Type 2 diabetes

Very overweight (obese)

If you are diabetic, very overweight (obese), and have any of the conditions below, your chances of having NASH are even greater

High blood pressure

High triglycerides

Abnormal cholesterol levels

Why liver tests are so important.

As NASH progresses, your liver builds up scar tissue (fibrosis). The more scarring you have, the greater your risk of serious health problems, including cancer. That’s why to manage your NASH, a doctor needs to run tests to know how scarred your liver is.

Should you get tested for NASH and liver scarring?

Even if you’ve had a blood test for liver enzymes or an ultrasound, you may need other tests to measure fat buildup and scarring (fibrosis) linked to NASH. Ask your doctor about these tests:

Imaging and Scanning Tests

Imaging and scanning tests like FibroScan®, MRI, and ultrasound technologies can help measure liver stiffness/scarring and fat. These tests can be done at the doctor's office.

Blood-Based Tests

Blood-based tests like FIB-4, ELF (Enhanced Liver Fibrosis), and ALT/AST can help measure liver enzymes, advanced scarring, and the risk of the disease worsening.

Liver Biopsy

If other tests don't provide clear results, a liver biopsy may be necessary. Biopsies take a small sample of the liver tissue using a needle and then examine the tissue in a lab to look for signs of inflammation and scarring.

ALT=alanine transaminase; AST=aspartate transferase.

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